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What is Roots?

Roots is a personality profiling questionnaire designed by Beechwood that is used to understand more about an individual's preferences in terms of their surrounding environment and how he or she would typically prefer to behave or respond.

How does it work?

  • The questionnaire consists of 50 items.
  • For each item there are four preferences.
  • Of these four preferences, you should identify which is most like you.
  • You should also identify which is least like you.

See the example below:

Roots Questionnaire

Question 1 of 50 Most Least

I am sympathetic towards the needs of others

I enjoy theorising and thinking about abstract concepts

I find it hard to stay calm in a crisis

Winning is important to me

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  • “Rob helped develop a refreshingly new approach to talent measurement that brought a real return on investment.”
    Simon Wright
    (HR Advisor – Whitefriars Housing)
  • “Inspirational, professional and client-focused.”
    Darran Orme
    (General Manager - Fords of Winsford)
  • “Beechwood really got to the heart of our culture and used this understanding to assess, select and develop our people in the best way possible.”
    John Silverwood (Director of Human Resources – UHSM NHS Foundation Trust)

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